Baron Barnabus Orville Hogwash


What's a story with out a villain? We all need someone to hate/ hate to love. Well, Baron Barnabus Orville Hogwash the Second can bring us all the loathing to fill that void.

Is he a product of the patriarchy? The aristocracy? Or is he just plain bad? We will never really know.

Baron Barnabus Orville Hogwash the Second enjoys drinking whiskey on his wrap around porch and wandering what the peasants are doing that day. Clearly not living a demanding life as he. They spend their time leisurely working his tobacco fields that they lease from him with a hefty price in money and work. Of course he divides out the profits and his generosity of land deserves the most fruits.
Baron Hogwash lives for fox hunts, but must be back for his mid-day feast and subsequential nap before the bacchanalian parties of the evening commence.

*Hand sculpted ceramic

*hand signed

Measurements- 5H 4.5W