Artist Statement

In the realm of clay, I sculpt fantastical creatures that defy the conventional boundaries of the animal kingdom. Each piece is a whimsical exploration of the peculiar and the extraordinary, blending elements of the surreal with the tactile nature of ceramics. Through my creations, I aim to challenge perceptions, inviting observers to embark on a journey into the eccentric and discover the beauty in the unconventional.


Hailing from the vibrant city of Columbia, SC, Tennyson emerges as a sculptor extraordinaire, capturing hearts with her fantastical creatures. Find her essence embodied at Shain Gallery in Charlotte, NC, where her art takes on a life of its own. As an art contributor for Pepper Magazine, Tennyson reinvents the comic into a monthly visual feast.

In 2018, the artistic journey led her to the prestigious role of artist in residence at Oconee County Parks, where creativity flourished like the lush landscapes surrounding her. A visionary force, she contributed to the Atlantic Flyway Human Disturbance Project at Folly Beach's Lighthouse Heritage Preserve in 2021, breathing life into the intersection of nature and art.

The year 2023 witnessed Tennyson's solo exhibitions, the spellbinding "Ceramic Illustrations" at Black Creek Art Center (Hartsville, SC), and the enchanting "Be Our Guest" at the Public Works Art Center (Summerville, SC). Finishing out the year with public art, she was chosen to create a work for the City of Columbia's Columbia Streams Art in 2023/2024.

Step into the kaleidoscope of Tennyson's imagination, where each creation tells a tale, and art becomes a journey beyond the ordinary.