Artist Statement

Step into a whimsical realm where fantastical creatures come to life through ceramic sculptures, defying conventional boundaries and inviting observers to embrace the delightfully strange. Explore a universe where quirky patterned slugs mingle with eclectic girl dinners, revealing a blend of the peculiar and the extraordinary. Each piece sparks curiosity and conversation, challenging perceptions and igniting imaginations with the unexpected harmony of bizarre food combinations nestled on found dishes. Welcome to a world where art meets imagination, where every creation is a whimsical exploration of the surreal, sparking curiosity and inviting you to discover the beauty in the unconventional


Hailing from the vibrant city of Columbia, SC, Tennyson emerges as a sculptor extraordinaire, capturing hearts with her fantastical creatures. Find her essence embodied at Shain Gallery in Charlotte, NC, where her art takes on a life of its own. As an art contributor for Pepper Magazine, Tennyson reinvents the comic into a monthly visual feast.

In 2018, the artistic journey led her to the prestigious role of artist in residence at Oconee County Parks, where creativity flourished like the lush landscapes surrounding her. A visionary force, she contributed to the Atlantic Flyway Human Disturbance Project at Folly Beach's Lighthouse Heritage Preserve in 2021, breathing life into the intersection of nature and art.

The year 2023 witnessed Tennyson's solo exhibitions, the spellbinding "Ceramic Illustrations" at Black Creek Art Center (Hartsville, SC), and the enchanting "Be Our Guest" at the Public Works Art Center (Summerville, SC). Finishing out the year with public art, she was chosen to create a work for the City of Columbia's Columbia Streams Art in 2023/2024.

Step into the kaleidoscope of Tennyson's imagination, where each creation tells a tale, and art becomes a journey beyond the ordinary.


Leaping Trout Columbia Streams Art
Columbia Museum of Art
Group Show
May 2024

Sweet Dreams
Changeling Gallery(Charleston,SC)
Group Show
May 2024

Midlands Clay Art Society
Stormwater Studios(Columbia, SC)
Group Show
April 2024

Big Tiny Gallery Show
Richland County Library/The Jasper Project(Columbia,SC)
Group Show
March-April 2024

Small Works Show
Shain Gallery(Charlotte,NC)
December 2023

Be Our Guest
Public Works Art Center(Summerville, SC)
Solo Show
November 2023-January 2024

25th Anniversary Show
Shain Gallery(Charlotte,NC)
Group Show
June 2023

Jasper Gallery(Columbia,SC)
Solo Show
May 2023

Black Creek Arts Council(Harstville, SC)
Ceramic Illustration Solo Show
March 2023

Cat Eye Creative(Atlanta, GA)
Small Works Group Show
January 2023

Jasper Gallery (Columbia, SC)
Ornament Group Show
December 2022

Shain Gallery(Charlotte, NC)
Group Collection
December 2022- present

Julia Deckman Studio(Charleston, SC)
Group Collection
October 2022- December 2022

Julia Deckman Studio(Charleston,SC)
Trunk Show
October 1 2022

PXP Contemporary Art Gallery
Group Show
October 2022- December 2022

Femme by Columbia(Columbia,SC)
Solo Exhibition
August 2022- September 2022

South Carolina Art Commission
“Find Joy in Art”
Group Exhinition
May 2021

701 Whaley’s Hallway Art Gallery(Columbia, SC)
“Natural Order”
Solo Exhibition
March-May 2021

The Jasper Project’s Tiny Gallery(Columbia, SC)
Solo Exhibition
January 2021